Tin Side Detector


Portable meter with many invention patents.

TS580 is used to identify the tin side of float glass. Creative image with text indicator and light filtering technology ensures extraordinary effect. With built-in rechargeable lithium battery, compact and portable features, it is widely applied in glass deep processing industry for tin side identification. There are three using methods, transmission viewing method, reflection viewing method and edge viewing method, it is easy to operate and observe.

Measurable Objects

  • Float glass


  • Innovative patent product.
  • Own multinational patents.

Relevant Standards

  • PCT Global Patent: 【Russia】RU 2497103 C2 【Korea】10-1303261 【U·S·A】US 8,729,504 B2
  • Design patent:ZL201030161198.4
  • Patent for utility models:ZL201020182123.9


  • Easy to operate and observe.
  • High quality, long service life.


Working ModeHandheldDimensions116mm×70mm×26mm
Power Supply5V1A DC 110V ~ 220V AC input (Lithium battery)Packing Size 153mm×127mm×51mm
Life of lamp3000 hoursWeight208g (with battery)