Desktop Transmittance and Reflectance Meter


Suitable for factory to measure visible transmittance and reflectance (under standard illuminant A).

This instrument is used to measure visible reflectance and transmittance for flat materials and products, such as flat float glass, colored glass, and coated glass. Scattered light cannot be measured. This instrument is not necessarily equipped with computer, which is economic and easily-used. External serial printer makes data recorded easily. The instrument is not spectrum instruments, for high precision measurement of spectral transmittance and reflectance ratio and color, customer can choose Filmeasure2300 Rapid Spectral T&R Instrument and GlasSpec1000 VIS-NIR Spectrophotometer for Architectural Glass.


Measurable Objects

  • Flat float glass
  • Colored glass,
  • Coated glass


  • Visible transmittance and reflectance

Relevant Standards

  • ISO 9050-2003

Product Characteristics

  • Controlled by SCM, calibrate & display automatically.
  • Results can be optionally printed.
  • Automatically deduct stray light and dark current, strong anti-interference performance.
  • No mechanic unit, structure is reasonable and durable.


Repeatability0.2%Light SourceCIE standard light source A,
Accuracy1%Power supplyAC100V ~ 240V 3A
ObserverCIE 1964 V(λ)Max power200W
Geometric Conditions8°:8°Dimensions294mm×255mm×506mm
SampleLess than 300mm×300mmWeight12kg