Portable T&R Spectrum Color Meter


Wide spectrum range. More choices.

GlassQ is the first specified portable instrument to measure spectral transmittance and reflectance including color difference of glass curtain wall, glass doors and windows. GlassQ is used to measure installed glass onsite for manufactures, supervision units, owners, as well as quality control of production process and onsite measurement for energy saving glass deep processing manufacturers.

Measurable Objects

  • Monolithic, laminated, hollow and other architectural glass
  • Coated, laminated and other automotive and locomotive glass


  • Spectral transmittance, reflectance of 380~1000nm
  • Visible reflectance, average reflectance, color coordinates Yxy, CIE L*a*b*, color uniformity ΔE
  • Visible transmittance, average transmittance, color coordinates Yxy, CIE L*a*b*, color uniformity ΔE

Relevant Standards

  • ISO 10526
  • ISO 10527
  • ISO 9050

Product Characteristics

  • Patent products with independent intellectual property rights.
  • Fast measuring speed; Meet the requirements of mass measurements.
  • The transmission and reflection probe can be separated to measure installed glass and large panel glass.
  • Available for 6+12A+6+12A+6 IG,no need to damage the structure.
  • Supported with computer data operation software.



Wavelength Range380~1000nmWork Duration2.5 hours
Spectrum Measurement Interval1nmCommunication InterfaceMicro USB
Spectral Half Width3~5nmLight SourceHalogen lamps
Geometric Conditions8°:8°Data StorageSD card
T&R Range0~100%Power SupplyHost: 7.4V 5000mAh lithium battery
Transmission part:7.4V 2200mAh lithium battery
Full Measuring Time1 sDimensions280×120×240 mm
Measurable Thickness≤45mm, Max: 6+12A+6+12A+6 IGWeight2.2kg


280×120×240 mm