Optical and Thermal Parameters Measuring Instrument for Glass


Specified visible and NIR spectral measurement instrument for architectural glass.

GlasSpec2500 is specially designed for glass visible and NIR spectrum measurement for glass manufactures and quality inspection institutions. The instrument not only can measure the optical parameters of single pane, but also can directly measure IG without separating. It can measure the overall solar direct spectrum transmittance and reflectance. With special software function, we can directly obtain optical performance of energy-saving glass.

Measurable Objects

  • Single glass
  • Insulating glass


  • Spectral transmittance τ(λ) , spectral reflectance ρ(λ)
  • Ultraviolet transmittance τuv , visible light transmittance τv , visible light reflectance ρv
  • Direct solar transmittance τe , direct solar reflectance ρe ,solar absorptance ae
  • Solar direct infrared transmittance τIR , solar direct infrared reflectance ρIR
  • Total solar transmittance g , total infrared thermal transmittance of solar energy gIR , shading coefficient
  • U value , light to sloar gain ratio
  • Position of low-E coating , emissivity , thickness of glass and air space

Relevant Standards

  • ISO 9050
  • ISO 10292
  • ISO15099
  • EN673
  • NFRC 100

Product Characteristics

  • Patent products with independent intellectual property rights.
  • Fast measurement speed which meet the requirements of mass measurements.
  • Fast and directly measure IG without separating the glass.
  • Standard calculation, complete set of optical and thermal parameters are calculated according to relevant standards.
  • Support a variety of standard calculations, and support thermal calculation standards in China, the United States and Europe.
  • A complete set of indicators guided measurement makes it simple and easy to use.
  • The whole set of photothermal parameters can be measured in about 5 minutes.


Wavelength Range300nm~2500nmPower SupplyAC100~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Spectrum Measurement Interval1nmCommunication InterfaceEthernet
Spectral Half Width3~5nmLight SourceDC12V 50W Halogen light source
Geometric Conditions8°:8°Measuring speedLess than 10s for
full spectrum measurement
Transmittance Range0~100%Dimensions500mm×500mm×700mm
Measurable ThicknessNormal glass: 50mm
Max thickness of IG: 6+12A+6+12A+6