On-Site Optical and Thermal Parameters Measuring System for Insulating Glass


Field-measuring instrument for green building, passive house, Energy-saving construction.

GlasSmart1000 can quickly measure the glass structure, non-destructive test glass thermal insulation performance. It is especially suitable for testing and evaluating the performance of installed glass on engineering site, and verifying the consistency between large IG glazing and small sample. To help owners, consultant companies, construction and supervision units understand glass quality, and to help construction quality supervision departments and inspection agencies quickly determine whether glass is energy-saving and whether it meets local building energy-saving standards.

Measurable Objects

  • Single glass
  • Insulating glass
  • Laminated glass
  • Vacuum glass


  • Spectral transmittance τ(λ) , spectral reflectance ρ(λ)
  • Visible light transmittance τv , visible light reflectance ρv
  • Direct solar transmittance τe , direct solar reflectance ρe ,solar absorptance ae
  • Solar direct infrared transmittance τIR , solar direct infrared reflectance ρIR
  • Total solar transmittance g , total infrared transmittance gIR , shading coefficient SC
  • U value , light to sloar gain ratio LSG
  • Position of low-E coating , emissivity , thickness of glass and air space

Relevant Standards

  • GB/T 36261-2018 On-site test technical condition and calculation for optical and thermal parameters of energy saving glass for building.


  • Patent products with independent intellectual property rights.
  • All basic parameters were measured*, spectrum transmission & refflection, thickness, Low-E side and E value.
  • Standard calculation, complete set of optical and thermal parameters are calculated according to relevant standards.
  • Nondestructive measurement, directly measure the optical and thermal parameters of IG.
  • Field measurement, directly measure the installed glass.
  • Guided measurement, a complete set of guided measurement, easy to use.
  • Full-function software, complete the measurement and calculation of all parameters.
  • Reliable result, the measurement value can be traced back to its source NIM (China National Institute of Metrology).
  • Wireless connection, connected with computer by wifi, lithium battery power supply, suitable for site use.

* Note: Except for special structures.


Wavelength Range380nm~2500nmPower SupplyDC18V 5A
Spectrum Measurement Interval1nmCommunication InterfaceWiFi
Geometric Conditions8°:8°Light SourceHalogen lamp
Measuring time20 minutes totallyOperating environment -10℃~40℃, humidity <90%
Duration working time3 hours(Intermittent work for 8 hours)Dimensions380×280×145 mm (Host)
Measurable ThicknessNormal: 45mm
Max thickness of IG: 6+12A+6+12A+6
Weight9 kg