Online Spectral T&R Scanning Measurement System/Filmonitor6300

The Filmonitor6300 is installed at unloading table to scanning measure spectrum transmittance, spectrum reflectance, special angle reflectance and sheet resistance of coated glass. As double or triple silver Low-E coating are more complex, it is always appear color difference. 

For instance, when human look at one piece of glass,there is no color difference at vertical angle( less than 10°),but the color difference appears obviously at 45°or 60°. Thereby monitoring reflectance color at 45°or 60°should is necessary.

Meanwhile it is difficult to control transversal coating uniformity of large panel glass, which may effect the low emissivity. So measuring the sheet resistance is required for large pane to make sure the coating homogeneity.

Measurable Objects

  • Magnetron sputtering coating glass production line


  • Spectrum transmittance
  • Spectrum reflectance
  • Color Y, L, a*, b*
  • Sheet resistance

Product Characteristics

  • Self-calibration
  • Rapid continuing measurement
  • Scanning measurement
  • Network connection