Online Spectrum Reflectance Scanning Measurement System


The Filmonitor6200 is used to measure color uniformity of coated glass, which is installed at the continuous ribbon area for online scanning measuring spectrum reflectance. Since online Low-E coating films are complex, it may occur different color at different viewing angle. So for Low-E coated glass, it is necessary to monitor color not only at vertical angle, but also at off angle, like 45 degree or 60 degree. Filmonitor6200 is the essential measurement system for Low-E coated glass manufacturers.

The system is consist of measuring unit, onsite control box, master computer, onsite network and corresponding software.

Measurable Objects

  • CVD Coating glass production line


  • Spectrum reflectance
  • Color L, a*, b*


  • Self-calibration
  • Rapid continuing measurement
  • Scanning measurement
  • Network connection