Online Spectral Transmittance Measurement System/Filmonitor6110

The Filmonitor6110(Insitu) is installed in vacuum chamber for measuring spectrum transmittance, and sheet resistance of the coating glass, especially for complex dual and triple Low-E glass. If color deviation occurs,it is hard and time-consuming to find reasons without measuring on each layer of coating.

Filmonitor6110 (Insitu) can measure spectrum color on each layer of coating so as to strictly control over the performance of Low-E glass. To get high quality coating, the system monitor spectrum curve of each layer of film, compare them with the target curve and find difference, thereby to guide technicians to adjust technician and  develop new products, realize overall quality management, which is significant for Low-E coating monitoring.

Measurable Objects

  • Magnetron sputtering coating glass production line


  • Spectrum transmittance
  • Color Y, L, a*, b*
  • Sheet resistance


  • Self-calibration
  • Rapid continuing measurement
  • Muti-heads measurement
  • Network connection