Spectrum Transmittance Instrument For PV Glass


Desktop instrument to measure spectrum transmittance for ultra clear PV patterned glass, AR coating glass

This instrument is mainly applied in solar PV glass industry and solar film industry. It can rapidly measure the spectral transmittance of solar super clear patterned glass, super clear AR coated glass and other scattering materials accurately, calculate Y, x, y, L*, a*, b*, and the effective spectral transmittance TAM1.5. It is no need to be polished during measuremet, so that it can guarantee original optical performance. Users can store or print the measurement results.

Measurable Objects

  • ultra clear PV patterned glass
  • AR coating glass


  • Visible transmittance,
  • Effective transmittance TAM1.5,Y、x、y, L*、a*、b*

Relevant Standards

  • SEMI PV47-0513 – Specification for Anti-Reflective-Coated Glass


  • No need polished
  • Rapid measurement
  • Monitor AR coating