Air-float Spectral transmittance Station for PV Glass


Indispensable instrument for solar PV Industry

Filmeasure2100 is mainly used for solar low-iron patterned glass manufacturers, low-iron patterned glass AR coating enterprises and solar photovoltaic module manufacturers. It can rapidly measure spectral transmittance for ultraclear patterned glass and patterned AR coated glass. In 2013 our company participated in the international SEMI standard setting, SEMI standard adopt the evaluation mathematical model of this equipment, and made it as the standard measuring instruments.

The maximum measurable size of sample is 2m × 1m and the instrument can calculates Y, x, y, L *, a *, b *, TAM1.5,etc.. Using this device you can easily and fast measure multi-points on large pieces of glass and calculate the average transmittance , each point difference and other parameters. Thus to control and monitor glass quality.

Measurable Objects

  • Ultraclear patterned float glass
  • Ultraclear patterned coated glass


  • Visible transmittance
  • Effective transmittance TAM1.5
  • Color coordinates Yxy, CIE L*a*b*

Relevant Standards

  • SEMI PV47


  • Fast and automatic measurement.
  • The equipment adopts network connection and flexible configuration.
  • Large pieces of glass can be floated on the measuring table, and the glass can be easily moved manually.
  • It can be measured directly with pattern without polishing.
  • Use automatic dynamic calibration technology to make sure the equipment has no drift for a long time.
  • Special optical structure is designed to eliminate the influence of jitter and ambient stray light.
  • The spectral curves before and after coating can be compared.


Wavelength Range380~1100nmPower SupplyAC100~240V 50Hz/60Hz
Spectrum Measurement Interval1nmCommunication InterfaceEthernet
Spectral Half Width3~5nmLight SourceDC12V 50W Halogen light source
Geometric Conditions0°:0°Integrating Sphere100mm
Transmittance Range0~100%Repeatability and Uncertainty<0.3%
Measuring TimeEach measurement speed of
each point is ≤ 1000ms
(related to integration time)
Dimensions2100×1500×1500 mm
Measurable ThicknessMinimum 100×100mmWeight320kg