Display Glass Measurement

Glass Haze Measurement

Haze denotes the degree to which transparent or translucent materials are not clear. It is the appearance of cloud or turbidity caused by light scattering inside or on the surface of materials.

Recommended Instruments:

High-Precision Haze Instrument SGH-2

Glass Abrasion Measurement

The machine can be used to test the abrasion of float glass, automobile glass and other functions and the film firmness test of various coated glass.

Recommended Instruments:

Abrasion Tester/BTA-5000

Sheet Resistance Measurement

The sheet resistance of TCO coated glass, also known as square resistance (Ohm/sq.), is used to indirectly characterize the thin film thickness.

Recommended Instruments:

Non-Destructive Sheet Resistance Meter-OHMETER OM1