Abrasion Tester


The first dedicated instrument to measure visible transmittance of safety glass.

The instrument is used to test abrasion for float glass, coated glass and automobile glass. It is also essential for paint, coat, plastic layer, metal layer, plastic, textile, ceramic tile, wood floor, laminate floor, acrylic, furniture and other materials to test of firmness and abrasive resistance. The instrument is an intelligent product controlled by microprocessor, which was first initiated and developed by Aoptek in domestic.

Measurable Objects

  • safety glass


  • Visible light transmittance

Relevant Standards

  • ISO3537 Road Vehicles


  • Dedicated for glass abrasion test
  • No need drilling
  • Cleaner with automatic switch
  • Multi-parallel units operation


Rotation Speed55-75 R/min (can be adjusted)
Revolutions50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 (can be customized)
Sampleφ100mm,100mm×100mm, thickness<19mm, no drilling
Per Wheel Weight500g (1000g are optional)
Power SupplyAC100V ~ 240V 3A (not including cleaner)
Rubber WheelBought from Taber
Power50W (not including cleaner)
Remark: Aoptek reserve the right to modify the information, the actual instrument & manual be as final.