Borosilicate Glass Detector Model# BSD-1


BSD- 1 Borosilicate Glass Detector is an instrument for rapid identifying the borosilicate glass. According to the optical characteristics of borosilicate glass, the instrument adopts optical measurement method. It can nondestructive distinguish borosilicate glass from ordinary float glass without damaging the glass, including ultra-white float glass.

  • Quick detect the borosilicate glass
  • A Glass sample is measurable
  • A The installed glass can be measured
  • A Suitable for project site and laboratory
  • A Lithium battery power supply
  • A Optical nondestructive measurement


Detect if is the borosilicate glass or not

Measuring Object

  • Borosilicate glass (incl , borosilicate glass G3 .3 and borosilicate glass G4 .0)
  • Ordinary float glass (including ultra-white glass)


Size of measuring windowAbout8X18mmUsing conditions0 C~40C三90%RH
Power supplyDC5V 2ALithium batteryICR18650 DC3 .7V2200mAh
Charging timeAbout 3hUsing timeAbout 8h
WeightAbout 500gSizeAbout 123× 97 × 56 mm