Automotive Glass Measurement

Transmittance and Reflectance Assessment

Front windshield is an important visual window for drivers. It uses laminated glass with a layer of PVB film between the two layers of glass, which hinders light and affects driver’s driving safety. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the visible transmittance and reflectivity of automobile glass.

Recommended Instruments:

Safety Glass Transmittance Instrument
Portable T&R Spectrum Color Meter/GlassQ

Glass Haze Measurement

Recommended Instruments:Haze denotes the degree to which transparent or translucent materials are not clear. It is the appearance of cloud or turbidity caused by light scattering inside or on the surface of materials.

High-Precision Haze Instrument SGH-2

Glass Abrasion Measurement

The machine can be used to test the abrasion of float glass, automobile glass and other functions and the film firmness test of various coated glass.

Recommended Instruments:

Abrasion Tester/BTA-5000

Glass Sheet Resistance Measurement

The surface resistance of coated glass, which also known as sheet resistance (Ohm/sq.), is a measurement value used to indirectly characterize the thermal infrared properties of coatings.

Recommended Instruments:

Non-Destructive Sheet Resistance Meter-OHMETER OM1

Tin Side Detect

When the float glass is formed, the high temperature glass belt floats on the molten tin surface, so a amount of tin is infiltrated into the bottom surface of the glass. This tin-penetrating mask has many special properties, which have a significant impact on the further processing of glass. In the glass production process, the manufacturer coats the non-Tin surface for a firmer film. Therefore, tin surface detection is an indispensable process in glass production and processing.

Recommended Instruments:

Tin Side Detector TS580
Online Automatic Tin Side Detector TS2600
Online Tin Side Detector TS1600