Architectural Glass Measurement

Magnetron Sputtering Line Measurement

In 1994, the global first commercialized set of Multi-channel Transmittance Measurement System developed by Aoptek was introduced into the market successfully. In 1996 the global first commercialized Online Optical Scanning Color Measurement System developed was launched. With technology developing & accumulating for many years, Aoptek’s measurement technology gradually towards to the top, online measuring systems evolved from simple to complex, from single function to multiple functions, with products’ humanized design and convenient operation, more and more companies cooperate with Aoptek, such as CSG, North Glass, China Glass, Xinyi Glass etc.. So far, more than 200 sets of online measurement systems have been installed on coating production lines.

Recommended Instruments:

  1. Online Spectral Transmittance Measurement System/Filmonitor6110  (Insitu )
  2. Online Spectral T&R Scanning Measurement System/Filmonitor6300 ( Exsitu)