Architectural Glass Measurement

Glass Color Measurement

The color of building glass is mainly composed of reflection color and transmission color. The coating on glass surface can selectively reflect or absorb visible light in a certain wave range. Thus people use this principle to achieve the purpose of architectural color design. By using spectrophotometric colorimetry, the parameters of reflectance, transmittance and chromatic aberration, the corresponding optical color can be measured. This can provide effective guidance for the quality control of coated glass production enterprises.

Meet Standards:ISO 10526, ISO 10527, ISO 9050。

Recommended Instruments:

Spectral Transmittance and Reflectance Measuring Instrument for InsulatingGlass/GlasSpec1000
Off-Angle Spectral Reflectance Instrument/
Rapid Spectral T&R Instrument/
Portable T&R Spectrum Color Meter/